August 7 (reading)

written and performed by uzunma udeh

directed by ann-kathryne mills and uzunma udeh

A Day in the Life explores a “typical” day for this black woman. From waking up, to enduring catcalls, to dreading a salad lunch, to sleeping joyfully, the play celebrates the normal, emphasizing that in today’s climate, victory dwells in the mundane. Sharing these moments through satirical takes on various performance art styles provides an opportunity to poke fun at the banalities of day-to-day life, while still embracing the accomplishment of getting through it. This play is self-indulgent, and fun, and a one-woman show.

UZUNMA UDEH has written many things in many places for many events.

She has won awards and consequently, she is award-winning. She makes videos that mostly make little to no sense. She wrote this show to satirize performance A R T, and she has written this bio to laugh in the face of bios. All traces of her work can be found at She recognizes that this is obnoxious, but still she rises.

Photo credit: Nantale Nsibirwa


Ann-Kathryne Mills

studied acting and jazz voice while earning her undergraduate degree at Columbia University. Additionally, she has trained at HB Studio, The Barrow Group, and currently studies at Upright Citizens Brigade. She is a founding company member of The NOW Collective. She most recently held research and policy positions at Dance Theatre of Harlem and Theatre Communications Group, where she focused on various arts advocacy initiatives. Ann-Kathryne is excited to work with Uzunma again.

Photo Credit: Kelly McCready