Corkscrew is committed to working with its audiences to make live theatre accessible to everyone. This year, the festival will inhabit both the upstairs and downstairs theaters within its venue the Paradise Factory on the Lower East Side (64 E 4th St, between 2nd Ave and Bowery).

The four mainstage productions (Preexisting Conditions, Six Years Old, Collective Noun, and Patience) will take place in the upstairs theater. There are eight steps leading up to this theater. For those who need it, there is also an ELEVATOR LIFT that can take audience members up to the theater. Patrons who use wheelchairs will be directed to the front row, which is on floor level in front of the audience risers.

The four workshop productions in the Corkscrew Downstairs series (A Doll’s House: A New Opera, Hootenanny Twelfth Night, Walt Whitman BodyJolt, and Stone) will take place in the downstairs theater. There are six steps leading down to this theater, and the ELEVATOR LIFT can take audience members down to this level as well. Inside the theater, there is a seating area for disabled audience members and/or patrons who use wheelchairs, which allows patrons to avoid the five steps that lead to the floor level seating.

Wheelchair-accessible RESTROOMS are located on the downstairs level and are likewise accessible via the ELEVATOR LIFT or the same six steps.

Of the four readings, and Through the Crack in the Closet Door and Kill the Whale will take place in the upstairs theater, while Mad and Notes from the Basement will take place in the downstairs theater.


Paradise Factory front entrance

(Stairs leading up to the upstairs theater visible through the front doors; stairs leading down to the downstairs theater visible at right)