Aug 25-Sept 3

Written and directed by Morgaine Gooding-Silverwood

Choreographed/Asst Directed by raquel Chavez

Script Consultant/Dramaturge: Francis Gooding-Silverwood

Assistant Producers: Travis Brown and Morgaine Gooding-Silverwood

Combining elements of Greek tragedy with contemporary devised theatre, Cradle Two Grave is an autobiographical documentary play using authentic found recordings, interviews, original music and raw text to draw its audience into the ongoing tug-of-war between twin sisters and chronic mental illness. While our patient Frances takes us on a journey through the fraught history of mental illness by way of her own experiences in and out of treatment, her twin sister, Mo, grapples with her own fears and frustrations. Mo ultimately comes to terms with that which she cannot control - her sister’s diagnosis, and her unconditional love for the diagnosed.

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CAST: Naomë Antoinette (Frances), Morgaine Gooding-Silverwood (Mo), Greek Chorus: Patricia Sabulis, Korinne Winter, Terra Chaney, Sarah Suzuki, Sarah Kowalski, Billie Wyatt

CREATIVE TEAM: Oleander Furman (Stage Manager), Vivienne Linsley (Set), Travis Brown (Sound), Elizabeth Schweitzer (Lighting)

Content Warning: sensitive topics, triggering language, mention of rape, drug abuse, and suicide

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Morgaine Gooding-Silverwood

is a theatre artist and activist based in New York who draws on their background in gender studies and Theatre of the Oppressed in their work as a theatre educator with incarcerated women. Endeavoring to bridge physical aesthetic with an authentic queer voice, Mo became a training artist with SITI Company, where they began development of Cradle Two Grave.

raquel chavez

is a theater artist based in NYC by way of the Bay Area. Infused by her training in jazz and modern dance, her work strives to explore the subtle, yet meaningful junction of physical theater and choreographic storytelling, while keeping a watchful eye on the socio-political tides that shape our emotional landscapes.


Travis Brown

is a graphic designer and music producer based in Brooklyn, New York.He graduated from Virginia Tech’s prestigious College of Architecture and Urban studies in 2013 and is currently working for a multidisciplinary studio in downtown Manhattan. In his free time he hosts Lowlife Radio’s biweekly show “Missed Calls” on soundcloud.

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Morgaine and Francis Gooding-Silverwood, twin sisters